Faith Seeking Understanding

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What is Faith Seeking Understanding? St. Anselm (d. 1109), archbishop and Doctor of the Church, had a sort of motto for the way in which he pursued his theological work: fides quaerens intellectum, “faith seeking understanding.” What does this phrase mean? St. Anselm knew that most people who come to belief in Christ and His Church do not fully understand every detail of every teaching and concept before they enter the Church; most come to belief in faith first, and only after that do they begin to better understand the reasoning behind it. If you were baptized as an infant and raised in the Church, you most likely first believed in Christ because of the teaching and example of your parents. This is as it should be; but at some point, as you grew up, you probably wanted to know why Catholics believe what they do. We have a responsibility as mature Catholics to learn the why’s and how’s of what we already profess to believe; our faith must seek understanding. It’s our prayer that this monthly presentation will help the members of our parish meet this need.

Presentations are scheduled one Wednesday per month at 6:00 PM–7:00 PM in the Pat Jones Hall (after the end of the 5:00 PM holy hour). Light refreshments will be provided. Future presentations and their topics will be posted on this page as they are scheduled. Invite your friends! Non-Catholics are welcome. We hope to see you there!