Confirmation is the sacrament of the Holy Spirit that brings to fulfillment the gifts first given to us at Baptism. It’s purpose is to fill us with the gifts of the Holy Spirit so that we can be a true witness to Christ in all that we say and do. Whereas in Baptism we were born anew or born again, in Confirmation we are strengthened. Like Baptism, Confirmation confers an indelible mark upon the soul and therefore cannot be repeated.  

Confirmation of children at St. Elizabeth generally takes place in the spring of 8th grade. Preparation is done through our parish Faith Formation program. Contact the Director of Religious Education, Paul Kankiewicz, for more information.

Confirmation of adults who are becoming Catholic or who are already Catholic but have not yet received Confirmation is generally done after a period of discernment and preparation in our Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) program. The program usually begins in mid-August and culminates with the reception of the sacrament at the following Easter Vigil. If you are an adult who is seeking to become a Roman Catholic or are already a Catholic but still need to receive the sacrament of Confirmation, please speak to our pastor, Fr. Buckler, or the Director of Religious Education, Vanessa Carson.